In our hotel Löwen, you can choose between the following conference facilities:

  • Room 'Rechberg': for 15 – 50 persons
  • Room 'Helfenstein': up to 25 persons
  • Room 'Rosenzimmer': up to 25 persons
  • Room 'Stauferstube': up to 40 persons
  • Room 'Süßener Stube':up to 30 persons
  • Room 'Löwen Stube': up to 30 persons
  • Room 'Gewölbekeller': up to 35 persons

The following media equipment is included in our flat rate:

  • Flipchart with paper and pencils 
  • Pinwall
  • Overhead projector with screen
  • Colour TV with video

Should you need any further technical equipment, we will of course
place it at your disposal against invoicing of a flat rate.