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The town Süßen is located nearby the Swabian Alb, the Schwäbische Alb. The rivulet Fils partly winds through the historical and picturesque part of the town.

You can discover the 'Schwäbische Alb' via charming cycling and hiking paths.

Nearly every leisure possibility is offered:

  • Gliding airfield on the Hornberg and the Messelberg
  • Hanggliding and Paragliding on the Messelberg
  • Ballooning 
  • Large golf course in Donzdorf and Göppingen
  • Tennis in Süßen, Donzdorf and Schlat
  • Minigolf in Süßen
  • Curling stone
  • Indoor swimming pool in Süßen
  • Heated open-air swimming pools in Salach, Donzdorf and Kuchen
  • Rifle club in Süßen
  • Cross-country skiing and skiing in Degenfeld, on the Messelberg and in Treffelhausen
  • Riding in Salach, Donzdorf and Gingen

If you continue the 'Straße der Staufer', you will arrive in the nearby district town Göppingen. There you can visit the following attractions:

  • the documentation hall for the history of the Staufer and the emperor Barbarossa
  • the municipal museum in the Storchen
  • the Heimatstube of the Banater Schwaben
  • the Jewish museum
  • archives of the Sudetendeutschen Landmannschaft Schönhengstgau

and further:

  • the Märklin museum (opened daily from Monday till Friday, on Saturday till 14.00 pm).

Excursions to the vicinity:

  • Schwäbisch Gmünd (oldest town of the Staufer with historical city center, Heilig-Kreuz-Münster and Johanniskirche, museums, Prediger)
  • Weinstadt-Beutelsbach (museum of the “Bauernkrieg)
  • Heidenheim (castle, coaches museum, leisure open-air pool, open-air theatre)
  • Adelberg (monastery, open-air theatre, museum, indoor waves pool)
  • Wäschenbeuren (castle “Wäscherschloss”, museum of the Staufer)
  • Bad Überkingen, Bad Ditzenbach (thermal baths)
  • Ulm (old Reichsstadt, the Münster is the church with the highest churchtower in the world, historical port area)
  • pilgrimage church Ave Maria, Deggingen