Cold starters

Honeymelon with ham "Black Forest", butter, toast

Smoked salmon with creamy horseradish, toast


Beef broth with puff paste crescents 

Beef broth with thin pancake strips 

Menues for children

Vienna steak, french fries, salad 

Veal steak with cream sauce, noodles, salad 

Game specialities

Ragout of fawn with mushrooms, white bread dumplings, salad, cranberries 

Roast fawn in sour cream, noodles, salad, craberries 

Grill and pan specialities

Pork cutlet in bread - crumbs, french fries, salad 

Veal steak with cream sauce or Hungarian fashion, swabian noodles, salas 

Roast joint "Swabian fashion" swabian noodles and salad 

Veal stew with champignons, roasted potatoes, salad 

Grilled pork fillets with champignons in cream sauce, vegetables, potatoe croquettes 

Roastbeef with butter of herbs, different vegetables, potatoes in cream 

Fillet of lamb grilled with gorgonzola cream sauce, vegetables, fried potatoes 

Grilled pork fillets, mixed mushrooms in cherries-booze sauce, swabian noodles, salad

Small dishes

3 small sausages with horseradish and bread  

Ham or cheese sandwich 

1 plate of tripes with bread 

Sausage salad, bread 

Two fried eggs with ham and fried potatoes 

Ham noodles browned with egg and salad 

Fresh puffpaste crescents with onions or browned with egg, salad 

Plate with different types of cheese or sausages, butter and bread